Robbery at Library!

October 27, 2007 5:23pm CST
Does anyone actually steal books from the library? I did it once, but that was because I needed that book for a long time, and I did put it back on its shelf in the library afterwards.
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@MGjhaud (20861)
• Philippines
30 Oct 07
One of my favorite places in school is the library. I stay up there until my next class; I started borrowing books very often from that library. I love reading fiction and a student can only borrow one fiction at a time. I usually borrow fiction during Friday so I have something to grab during weekend. I read fast so I could finish a 300-page in one and a half day so sometimes I want to borrow two but I just can’t. Unfortunately there’s no possibility that I can sneak a book from our library because the exit is tight from its security. All books are coded and really can be noticed if you’re carrying it out. They check all of your books’ receipt before you can exit.
• Canada
31 Oct 07
Wow, it must cost the library a lot of money to hire people to check all the receipts, lol.
• United States
28 Oct 07
why would you steal from the library? you can check the book out for FREE! and if you still need it just re-check it out again. its great that you put it back, so another person can take advantage of the benefit of that particular book, but still...not right, not cool. lol what book was it?
• Canada
28 Oct 07
Yes, I know you can check it out for free, but still, if someone has put a hold on it, you can't renew it, and I need that book for more then the three weeks allowed. It contains vital information that I need to pass Science and if I fail Science I will get thrown out on the streets by my parents. So stealing from the library or get thrown out on the streets by my parents? I will chose the first one please.