skateboard shop in the Philippines

October 28, 2007 11:38am CST
Hey! anyone who knows a better provincial Skate Shop?! particularly here in Laguna? It's awful to think that there are many Filipino skateboard enthusiasts that really find it hard to buy parts (original / branded parts) & clothes too, because there's only a few sk8 stores in the country, worst is only in the Metro! Sk8ers like me sometimes stop skateboarding only because of difficulty in finding the right shops with the right parts & clothes. I sometimes prefer buying online ( but it takes a few months before you receive the items, & the worst part is the shipping fee, it's the same price with the item you purchased (double!) Whoa!!! & when it comes to clothing, I better go to Ukay-ukay but it's really hard to find the right size & sometimes the right color... Anyone who agree with me?!?!? I hope someone can see this and respond... Thanks!