October 28, 2007 12:58pm CST
I went over some online shopping sites and i felt really sad for those people who got duped. They posted ads online about selling second hand cellphones for really cheap prices. They had IDs, photos and all the works. I was really interested in buying stuff from these sites until i read the threads of discussions about this person asking where the promised package was, and why the tracking number given was wrong, and why the seller's phone can't be reached anymore. I can't believe how frauds could actually sleep at night. I mean the only reason that people patronize these products is because they have meager resources that's why they resort to buying cheap second hand items. Any of you guys been duped too? do share.
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30 Mar 10
yes this is true. there are alot of scams online. which is why everyone should be careful online. it is a big bummer that there are scams. i hope all of those scammers get caught and go to jail.