Where did my hummingbirds go???

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October 28, 2007 5:30pm CST
So, I put out three feeders and I has several hummingbirds feeding almost constantly. Gosh they are pretty. Anyway, about two weeks ago, they just quit?? it isn't even cold in Texas yet? :( Can anyone please tell me where the heck they went? Are they coming back and when?? Also, one more question please, when I sit and what them, they come within inches of my face? why do they do that? are they just not afraid of me? it is in aggression, are they curious?? i don't get it? if you know, please let me know, thank you :-)
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@HighReed1 (1126)
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29 Oct 07
My guess would be they went south for the winter. I know it isn't cold in Texas yet, but with the colder nights they might have gotten the message it is going to get that way. They should start coming back in spring. I've never seen an aggressive hummingbird. The ones I've seen are either curious or attracted to a bright color I was wearing.
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10 Apr 08
That is a compliment --they are trying to decide if you are a beautiful flower. (Watch so they don't dip into your ears or mouth!) roflol ;)
@oldchem1 (8144)
28 Jun 10
I love the birds in my garden and we have lots of different species but I am so jealous that you have humming birds!!
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27 Jul 12
My Hummingbirds have gone too. I changed the feeders and everything they should be all over the place:(
23 Jun 10
H iluvmypug, Hummingbirds are very curious little birds. They are friendly as well I am told. To tell you how curious, I have a red heart tatoo on the base of my neck and one day I was bent over trimming a plant and one came up and hovered over my neck and I can't only imagine he was checking out my tatoo because the heart is red. I think I read somewhere that when bugs are more plentiful hummers don't feed on nectar quite as much but that could be for just females that have babies. I am not sure. Mine were doing the same here in CT. They have been around feeding like crazy since the beginning of May. I see them every day every half hour to an hour feeding at the feeders. Suddenly I have not seen any yesterday or today. It is more into the season of bugs now and I also noticed there are alot of bees attracted to the feeders as well. Could be that the bees scared them away or they are just eating more bugs. I don't know for sure myself but I am sure they will come back. I will still be watching for them as I am sure you will too. Hope they are not gone long because they are so beautiful, fun to watch and addicting! Take care. Ashleyangel