What is the most strangest name you have ever heard?

@Anouke (61)
October 29, 2007 4:52pm CST
I mean peoples name now:) If you have children how did you pick the name?
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• United States
29 Oct 07
When I was working in customer service I heard two names that definitely make the list. First was a guy calling claiming to be the secretary of a woman named Kevin. No, it's not a typo. The other was a guy named Alexis. I've since learned that this isn't so uncommon but his last name was even more strangee I'm not at liberty to divulge it here but let's just say it was two nonsense syllables followed by the name of a country. Weird stuff.
• Canada
29 Oct 07
Actually I have met a girl named Sam before, and a boy who's middle name was actually Garden. I don't mind it when people name their kids with influence from their own cultural background but it is weird when I meet someone who is named after a place or an everyday object (such as Hallowa - a girl I met who's parents named her after Halloween. I am not ever joking...).