Mass dolphin suicide in Iranian waters - what could be the cause?

October 29, 2007 8:18pm CST
The mysterious "mass suicide" of 152 dolphins washed up on Iran's coast over the past month has alarmed environmentalists with the blame pointed at regional fishing practices, officials said on Monday. Read more in this article: What makes no sense to me is the claim that these dolphins were entangled in fishing nets. Did they get so traumatized by this that they committed suicide after? The article goes on to say that locals tried to put some of them back into the water but they refused. This is really a puzzling story.
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@kimthedane (1000)
• Denmark
2 Nov 07
I have seen a few documentaries on this issue and we had stranding of dolphins and smaller whales in Denmark too, tho not in the huge scale as in Iran. It appears to be a freak of nature that there are as many opinions about as starts on the sky. It upsets me to hear or see things like this happening as I am in no doubt that the reason, whatever it is, is man made and a sign of a sick nature in free fall downhill.