2007 Diva Contest Winner

United States
October 30, 2007 5:57am CST
well, the new Diva has been chosen and I can't say that I agreed with the results. Eve was announced the winner last night. I really liked Brooke and thought she was a lot cuter than Eve. I hope that Eve will make us proud! It seems to be that most of them change after they enter the WWE anyway.I used to like Ashley a lot but not as much now. Who would you liked to have won?
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@J_Dawgs (217)
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2 Nov 07
i didnt watch this very close but actually i picked the one that won before she ever even won and i really didn't even pay attention to it much as the contest went on. lol this one was just not as entertaining as most of them were in the past as they had most of it on the net and not as much of it on TV and such. It took away from the "on TV" aspect of it all and made the fans go to the site more. I know it was supposed to lead into the whole cyber sunday thing in the end but that was a LONG thing to lead into for the Diva Search. I don't think they should have done that with it. In the end I think the right one was chosen as the other seemed a bit too ditzy but as you said they all change once they hit the air. My two cents. Peace Out ~*~J_Dawgs~*~
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@worldwise1 (14887)
• United States
30 Oct 07
That was one thing I have not followed closely, carolscash. I wouldn't know one diva from the next one, but I'm glad they finally chose someone. You are right, they do change once they gain a bit of notoriety and fame. I guess it is the nature of the beast.
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30 Oct 07
It is sad that fame changes someone so much! I hate to see the stories on Brittany and Lindsay as you know that they didn't start out to be like that.