How to increase speed up Torrent download

@aahlei (43)
October 30, 2007 9:43am CST
Do you have a problem with your Torrent Connection Speed? I have the solution... Try it! Click Start Run Enter gpedit.msc and click OK This will start the global permissions Editor that you're not supposed to know about. Then browse to the following location in the Editor: Local Computer Policy Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Network QOS Packet Scheduler Limit Reservable Bandwidth. Double click this Item. It will lie to you. It says it's not configured, but by default it IS active, and reserves 20% of your bandwidth for MS, makin available to you. Click "enable", and set the value to ZERO. Unless something weird configured your net card separately, this should override the default setting, and open up your entire bandwidth for your own use. On my system, I was running standard DSL, and my average speed for downloads (whether direct, via torrent, or whatever) went from 157Kbps BEFORE to 192Kbps AFTER. And I didn't to worry about installing anything. Quick and Efficient, just the way I like it. Good luck...!!!
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@cxalqq (8)
• China
31 Oct 07
Thanks.It`s a good way to increase speed up Torrent download.However,it`s said that torrent download may destroy the hard disk. Could tell me it`s true or not? Thank you again.
@aahlei (43)
• Indonesia
31 Oct 07
Yes. Download File with torrent is usssually biggest, so your harddisk can be full. It will cause your harddisk bad sector...
@arvie119 (17)
• Philippines
24 Dec 08
Great Post Bro", It Works!