Heroes isn't as good as last year.

United States
October 30, 2007 12:03pm CST
Is it just me or has Heroes lost its magic. Last year I was so excited all week to watch it. This year I almost forgot to tune in. I am starting to hate the Hiro plot. I still like it, but its just not the same. I'm sad about this.
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• United States
11 Nov 07
I agree this season is not as great as the first. Hiro finally get back from the past. Kensei is free now, to get revenge on what Hiro did to him in the past. That's the only thing I am interested on right now. The other character's story is not so interesting, even the nightmare man. Sylar used to be great, but since he lost his power he's boring now. I am more interested in watching Chuck, the show before Heroes, than Heroes itself. ^_^
• Philippines
12 Nov 07
With new characters, new twists and new plots that they keep on adding to the show, I get the feeling that everything is turing into a "salad" -- too many characters, plots, too little characterization and too little story depth per episode. I think they should focus on the main characters, and then develop their individual stories, and hence, the show's plot from there.
• Malaysia
13 Nov 07
yeahh..heroes will never lost it magic..i always exciting as usual as in the first season..still, i hate when sylar still alive..he should die..
@yamimay (18)
• Philippines
31 Oct 07
Oh my God! Is it getting worse? I haven't seen the second season because I haven't seen available DVDs of it. But based on the comments I am having second thoughts. I don't want to think that they are not making Hiro Nakamura a more interesting person. He is afterall my favorite among them. Peter and Nathan bore me in the first season, so how are they now?
• United States
31 Oct 07
Hiro is in a place where he is trying not to destroy the timeline, which he isnt doing very well. Hiro's loins are thinking for him. Peter just used Hiro's power for the first time to propel him and a new women to future New York, but no one knows yet what he will find. Nathan is in and out of the story but he is lost will depression over what happended to Peter and his weakness to not help before. Of coarse their won't be DVDs for a little while but the show is still worht watching. It is a different story but really good. I still walk away from the TV annoyed that there is no more story for the night.
• Philippines
1 Nov 07
Gee thanks. That was really informative. I will definitely watch the new season. But not for now. I guess I have to watch this discussion so that I will learn more. I really appreciate the very good synopsis. You made me laugh about Hiro's loins. ehehehe.
• China
10 Nov 07
ya agree
@tujiagirl (368)
• China
8 Nov 07
I shoud admit that there are too many lines in Season 2. Peter's line, Doctor's line,Hiro's line and Mr Bennet's line. It's too complicated. I am thinking about how the writer gonna do with so many lines. How he justifies himself. But I still love this show. I love its originality. Every episode still excites me.
@chunter (1761)
• Singapore
7 Nov 07
I haven't seen it yet, but my colleagues who have all say the same thing as you... Sigh, where are the good shows these days?
• Philippines
3 Nov 07
I don't think that Heroes has lost its magic - after all, I am sooo excited to find out what all their parents are doing together in a single photo. Somehow I have the suspicion that Hiro and his travel back in time has a hand in the formation of the mysterious "group" which includes Angela Petrelli, Linderman, Nakamura, and Matt's dad, even the possible formation of a group involving all the current heroes. There are plot lines though, which need serious rethinking - Claire's love story occupies too much screen time. Hello, this isn't some cheesy teen movie, go make out on the beach elsewhere. And I CANNOT believe they took Niki out of the main storyline, and there is even the possibility that once she gets rid of Jessica, she won't have superhuman strength anymore. I loved Ali Larter's complex characterization of both her characters - there should be more of her! Well I guess we should give the producers a fighting chance, only 6 episodes have passed, after all. :) Maybe it'll get much better towards the end, as it did with Season 1.
@IssaHam (73)
• United States
31 Oct 07
Well, I have been disappointed a couples times in the new season, but overall, I am still enjoying it. I do agree that they are trying to tell too many stories with too many characters at once, and they are loosing all the great details with spreading it out like this...I am excited to see what happens with Mika and Monica, with Molly and Mohender, and I do hope the Hiro storyline gets better!! Overall, I am still impressed with the show. ~Issa~
• United States
30 Oct 07
I feel the same way. I think the show is trying to do too much with too many characters. Hiro's plot is not very exciting, Maya and Alejandro are flat out boring, Peter and Nathan aren't nearly as interesting when they aren't playing off of each other. The only thing really interesting is the Mohinder/Noah/Company plot. I really hope it starts to come togethr, because this is a great show and it would be sad to see if fade out with a whimper when the first season was so awesome.