Sharingan vs. Byakugan

October 30, 2007 9:12pm CST
which doujutsu is more powerful?? sharingan or byakugan? neglect the mangekyou sharingan, just the ordinary one.. well for me, even if its not mangekyou, sharingan owns the byakugan.. ^^
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• United States
4 Nov 07
byakugan owns it badly
• United States
4 Nov 07
@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
31 Oct 07
I think it depends on the experience of the people involved. I mean, sharingan is useful for copying and seeing through jutsu, so in the hands of someone like Kakashi who has already copied tons of them, it's great. However, if you've only copied a few jutsus with it, your main use of it is going to be seeing through other people's jutsu. Which is kind of cool, but nowhere near as cool as Byakkugan. So for the young people I'd say Byakkugan was cooler, because the Sharingan really comes into it's own after you've been in many battles and copying many jutsus... then it makes it possible for you to have a jutsu for any occasion, essentially. So later I'd say the Sharingan is cooler, simply because it would allow you to amass an insane amount of jutsu, and thus have one to counter just about any defense or attack.
• Philippines
19 Dec 07
yep... even though byakugan is really poerful, if you lack the experience to use it, its nonsense rather if you've mastered the technique, in that way you can use its capacities to the fullest! ^_^ peace out!
• United States
3 Jan 08
Sharingan is made from the byakugan so sharingan has the basic advantages of the byakugan
@Wisteria (101)
• Canada
11 Nov 07
If Hinata and Sasuke were to have a child... then would that kid have both the Sharingan and the Byakugan? I think they're both pretty cool... the Sharingan allowing the user to copy any technique which would mean the powers would be limitless. But the Byakugan is more useful, especially for reconnaissance missions and "effective" because you can take down enemies with minimal effort. I suppose if I had to choose, I'd pick the Sharingan.
@zealard (321)
• Philippines
10 Nov 07
Yeah... sharingan own the byakugan... But there is an eye technique that can own sharingan... I don't know what is the name of that technique... The only thing I know is the person whose use that technique is the leader of Akatsuki... His name is Pein...
@calakarak (154)
• Australia
31 Oct 07
well its not just byakugen on its own. it is also gentlefist style, which can have lasting effects on any sharingan user. rinnegan owns both of them anyway