having problems with your dell computers?

October 31, 2007 12:11am CST
well, Im at your service... this will be for free inquiry if yu're having problems with your dell orders or systems. for customer service...
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• United States
19 Dec 07
I got this new sound card called sound blaster audigy at the end of last month and two weeks ago it just quite totally nothing, my old one took over and it's not even showing up on my computer trying to contact my computer guy to see if he can come and see what's up but so far his line is busy and it's driving me nuts cause my sound audigy made my computer sound awesome man, I could karaoke online and listen to music and it made my music sound so dang good I miss it terribly I mean my old sound card that came with my dell isn't doing what it used to do having trouble with it too I try and karaoke online but sometimes I have to keep either turning up the volume or the volume on the mic down, meaning it has good days and bad today was good the other day I almost beat the crap out of my Dell but realizing it was the sound cards fault restrained myself lol and instead just sat and cried my eyes out cause that's the reason why i got a dell to do online karaoke, cause i do it in the bars might as well do it online too and now i missing it terrible what do you think is wrong my mum's friend who she had put it in so i wouldn't use any of my money said it was my headphones being put in and out . i don't know, and neither does she, she won't come and see what is going on either (phf) she put it in but she can't come see what's up and now i have to pay somebody to come and see what's up .