How do we know who will be the right person for President of the US??

@nehrlas (202)
United States
October 31, 2007 7:05am CST
I am a political GEEK! I watch morning shows that discuss politics, my favorite show in the afternoon is political, and if I am up late at night, I search for a show that is discussing politics, yep, I am a geek! I know which side of the isle I would stand on, but I try to watch shows that give both sides of view, so I understand what is going on all over. But as I watch these debates and the news that is leading up to the primary election, I wonder who is really ready for the job of president? We need someone that will heal our country internally, as well as heal our relationship around the world. We need someone that will be tough enough to protect us, yet not walk around with their finger on the trigger. I don't think this year it will be about who is toughest on terrorism, or "is our country ready for a woman or a black man" to be president. I think this is about, who is the perfect person for the job. The candidates need to start showing us, they are not willing to say what needs to be said, but do what needs to be done.
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