do you think about our parents' dreams?

October 31, 2007 8:49am CST
We, Chinese children, seldom think about this question what are our parents' dreams. At the moment we came into being we sucked our mothers' breast for food. As we developed, we, as children, asked dresses, toys outings,ect from our parents without condering the family's financial situation. All we think is how to realize our own needs,dreams, but never once have we thought over our parents' dreams, as if to us, our parents are oliged to sacrifice their wishes to accommodate ours. And what's more ,even when we grow into adults, there are alot of things for parents to worry about:Wheather we have enough money to buy a house;If we need them to take care of our children.So there is really no chance for them to pursue thir goals.
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@wseayuan (374)
• China
31 Oct 07
hi,friend .i have to say it is a good topic. i am just like the person who you say. i am selfish .i don't mind my farents' dreams and their feelings even i am adult .i don't often call them to talk to them and don't want to see them when i am free and just stay in the city.i am so sorry to them . they love me so much ,raise me up. i will do something to make up for it,thanks
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3 Nov 07
give you a good excuse, our happiness is our parents' biggest dream. but anyhow it's time for us to consider our parents seriouslly, for the wrinkled skin and some grey hair of my parents really aches my heart