harry potter and deathly hallows

October 31, 2007 9:52am CST
in this book Rowling wrote about the truth about severus snape . In all the previous books I thougt taht snape was evil but in the last book she revealed the secrect about snape . she sprang a surpise by telling that snape was on the good side because in the end he saved harry potter . I thougt that snape was evil. This is the biggest surpise of all. But there are some still unanswerded questions --- the biggest one is that about snape--- why does he hate harrypotter though it appears he is saving him ? Is snape a vampire? ----------- Can you please give me you guess---- JVS
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31 Oct 07
Snape hates Harry because he was in love with Harrys mom and he wanted to marry her and she got with James and married him instead...plus James was a very powerful wizard and Snape was also jealous of that. Hope that helps!!!