attention job seekers!!!

United States
October 31, 2007 2:40pm CST
Are you tired of trying to find a decent, free online income?Have you been seeking something that is more than legit but absolutely, 100% free; the only investment would be your time? Well let ContentProducers help end your search.We are an online Content Company specializing in building up popularity in forums. Call us the,"hype man," the "mascot" for forums. Content producers is currently looking for talented writers who are able to provide an extreme number of captivating posts on a daily basis.Now you ask,"what is it exactly I would be doing?" it was simply stated, you will be going into forums under different aliases (which will be setup for you) and posting. This is NOT a paid per post job.You will be expected to do a certain number a day and you will be compensated every two weeks a set salary. Easy as pie! No hidden fees, or out of the ordinary expectations.We have hired 12 new writers and are currently looking to fill 6 more positions in the next week.Our services are so in demand right now that we have no other choice but to hire more writers. Qualifications: -Capable to work in a competitive field -Able to handle high orders -Can type 40 wpm -Are available 7 days a week -Have to be creative and dependable -Must be self motivated -Experience in content Production a plus -Able to complete work in a timely manner -Capable of meeting deadlines If you feel as if you may be able to fill the qualifications of the job, feel free to email us at Or come chat with us on MSN; Check out our site:
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