y people need religion?

November 1, 2007 12:32am CST
ytd i been asked by a student who doing research,y v need a religion? wat actualy people looking for a religion? i cant answer her clearly bcoz it is juz like my part of life,it is same as v need to drink,to eat,to sleep and so on...every single moment i can share with God..he is my father,im his child..but my fren was feel curious about my answer. if u being ask,wat is ur answer?
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@kiaakira (29)
• China
1 Nov 07
I also have such question. You know, sometimes i will think if i have a religion maybe i will feel more satisfactory with life and i won't feel depressed and empty, because at least there is something in my heart, i am not alone. Before I never think that i need a religion,and up to now i also know nothing about it. When i saw some people so loyal to their religion, i really can't understand and am curious. Therefore i also hear other peopel's opinions about religion.
• Malaysia
1 Nov 07
just a remind,it doesnt mean you will happy all the time when you have a religion.we still will feel down if we are not changing our mind to positive thinking.our saviour is always there,are we always keep Him in our heart?thats is the reason we can be satisfied. everything happen dont just look around,but remember to look upwards.