Mystery Shopping

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November 1, 2007 8:38am CST
I have been a member of many shop companies for a while now. I found one and from there I found dozens of companies that I applied for- some that never have available shops anywhere near me and some that offer a few every few weeks. Most of the time the shop is something that I would not be interested in doing or something that I do not qualify to do. But yesterday I applied for, and got, my first assignment! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I am a little worried that I might mess it up and not get paid but it is a really simple compliance shop that I am doing so I should be ok. Just some new job jitters, I guess!! Anyone else do this? There are many companies out there that offer mystery shop work. You are always an independent contractor- not an employee. NEVER pay for mystery shopping companies!!! You can find them for free!
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12 Nov 07
I have done this off and on for many years. Sometimes I'll get a bug and pick up some jobs, but then do nothing for long periods of time. Sometimes it seems like too much trouble for the pay, and sometimes it's fun and a good deal. I still get all the e-mail offers, so I look at them once in a while.
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15 Nov 07
That's how I think I will be doing it- I will lay low for a while then decide to grab a few after a while. I did well on my shop but there was a problem and we realized that they had assigned me a non-existent location which was right across the street from the exact same store. But I still did it all correctly and will be reimbursed and payed for the shop! I try to look at least once every few days at the shops I am offered (too many times they are not anywhere near me) so that if a good one comes along I can get it!
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29 Nov 07
I had the same problem. Not enough shops in my area. I get so many e-mail jobs, but never for my area.