How many hours do u sleep per day?

November 1, 2007 8:42am CST
Those days my sleeping period becomes shorter and shorter.six hour or less per day,but i didn't feel sleepy,i have no idea,because i usually sleep at least 8 hours or more and get a nap at noon,has my body something wrong?nevertheless,i consider some of u sleep less than me,for some guys here often write or reply posts late in night ,so robust that needn't long-hour sleep?
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@nyumix (1661)
• Belgium
1 Nov 07
Normally I sleep eight hours per day. But if there is a reason can be less.But at least sleeping six hours in a day is a must for me, otherwise I will not feel well in the day time. Will feel tired and sleepy.
• China
1 Nov 07
yep,sleep less than six hours a day is bad for day-time work,for me,i will feel so tired and want to do nothing but sleep.
@asolero (152)
• Philippines
5 Nov 07
i envy you for having a required number of hour of sleep everyday... as to me, i only sleep about 4-5 hours a day, a maximum of 6 hours... never been 8 hours for the past months.
@julianarw (1524)
• Netherlands
4 Nov 07
Usually i sleep from 22.00 until 07.00 in the morning. So, how many hours is that? Wait, i must count first ^_^. Around 9 hours. Yeah, i think i do sleep per day around 08-09 hours.
@darkaeon (466)
• Portugal
1 Nov 07
hi, i sleep about 8 to 9 hours a day maybe sometimes i sleep more, if im very tired...
@dew431 (152)
• India
1 Nov 07
u i usually sleep for seven to eight hours per day but i try to avoid sleeeping in day hours as it makes me very lazy.