If you had one more chance?

United States
November 1, 2007 4:53pm CST
If there was one thing that you could change from your past, what would it be? I don't usually live in regret but there are times that I wish things would of happened differently. My one thing that I would change is my job history. I didn't take work as seriously when I first entered the work force as I should have. I didn't realize how important it is to have a good work history and decent credit.
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@lauzpauz (115)
4 Nov 07
hiya, i think I would like to have changed my spending and shopping habits. I would have been able to leave home earlier with a half decent credit history ;-)
• United States
5 Nov 07
Thank you for your response! I wish I would of known how important a credit rating was before I decided to do half the things I did after I turned 18 years old! Credit is everything in the adult world.
@Nivek13 (124)
2 Nov 07
hi kangel.. one thing probably i would change from my past is that studies.. at first when i entered highschool i became more lazy in studying that's why some grades of mine were not satisfying for me and my parents. but i continued to improve well and right now i even reach 4th yr highschool.. well i would just like to change my grades honestly hehe..
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5 Nov 07
I think that's one of the things that I would change as well. When I was in 10th grade, I decided to drop out of public schools and start a home schooling program. That was a mistake. It didn't challenge me the way that I needed to be pushed and I think I suffered because of it. If I could change something, I would of definitely stayed in school!
@ddsully (1064)
• United States
6 Nov 07
i Dont have any regrets, just mistakes...i do wish i stayed in college, but if i did stayed in college would i have my daughter now? i believe things happen for a reason, sometimes good or bad, they are all lessons learned...