Which Asian Country do you think is best in Speaking ENGLISH?

@asolero (152)
November 1, 2007 6:35pm CST
As what this website proves, English Language is the most common language used around the globe. It is considered as a Must to all Nations as this is a usefull tool needed in conversing with other citizens from other countries. As what we are appling at this very moment,we are all using English language to understand each other. I would like to know from people around the globe as to WHICH ASIAN COUNTRY DO THEY THINK ARE BEST IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE? CAST YOUR VOTES NOW!!! First vote is my vote for PHILIPPINES! Filipinos are known to be in good in English Language. We are known to have the most neutral tongue, making us easily adapt any Language we study. We are very good in aquiring dictions and accents as well.