Cheating on your loved one

November 1, 2007 7:06pm CST
Have you ever cheated on your partner? Have you experienced any regrets afterwards? If not, would you be able to cheat on him/her? Do you think that cheating on your partner affects in some way your relationship or would you be able to take it all over again and pretend nothing happened? I, personally, couldn't cheat on my boyfriend. If it's not about the love you feel for your partner, at least it's about the respect you have for him/her. I just love him too much, both as a lover and as a friend, and I just can't even imagine how I would be able to do something like this. How about you?
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• China
2 Nov 07
i havent cheated my partner or other people, and i hate be cheated. maybe i have done something wrong in my life, but i will confess it to my partner. i dont think a false thing can continue without never being discovered. if a cheat happened once between you and your partner, could you still believe your partner? i dont think so.
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• Romania
2 Nov 07
That was exacly my point: I hate cheating and if my partner cheated on me I wouldn't be able to trust him anymore. However, if I did that, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to look in his eyes anymore. You're right, lies can't go on forever, sooner or late they are still discovered so why destroy something you have?
• Canada
2 Nov 07
I can honestly say that I have never cheated in any relationship I have been in. I have been cheated on and I could never makes someone else feel the way I felt when I was cheated on. When I was cheated on those relationships came to an end as the trust was gone. I would never cheat on my hubby and I know he'd never cheat on me! Have a great weekend. PurpleTeddyBear.
@anirc750310 (3424)
• Romania
7 Nov 07
Well I saw nobody here cheat, I don't like to be the only one who did it but i did it once, just for trial, and for my experience was not a good thing cause the regrets you have afterwards are big enough to have some doubts about you, relationship, world, what's good or bad, your value standards etc... You know it is a positive side in this too, cause you can realise how good or bad was your life untill then. it is up to you what you are doing in this life but it is Ok to be fair with you and person who lives next to you. Ps I was not married then!
@sweetcakes (3505)
• United States
5 Nov 07
no I have not and i disagree with cheating. its not a good thing to do.