Time Is Money?when we take taxi?

@mari123 (1862)
November 1, 2007 10:10pm CST
As the taxi came to a screeching halt at a traffic light,I asked the driver,"Do you agree that 'Time is money'?" "Well,it's a very common saying.Who will care so much about that?"the driver answered . "Look,the digits in the meter are still running when the car has stopped,"I pointed at the meter. "Oh.yes.You've got a point here,In this case,time is money for both of us,"added the driver.
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• India
18 Nov 07
Mylotting is also money.. and in this connection in most of the Auto drivers in my town dont put the meter when they start the trip. And they ask the Charges on a Flat rate. And in some cases the Meters are manipulated, as in the case you have described, and readingin the meters literally jump when the Taxi or Auto in which you travel pass it on bump or have a jerk. For example if it showing 530.5 kilometers in the meter, and the taxi passes a bump or a had jerk.. you can see the meter jumping to 532.5 kilometers. Have you heard these kinda cheating while travelling. Any way, take care and have a nice day my friend)
@williamjisir (22902)
• China
3 Nov 07
From the story that you have narrated, it exactly shows that time is money. I agree with you on that. Time is money. I would love to spend my spare time to do something useful and helpful like mylotting, which is not only fun to me because I can discuss with my friends on different topics and at the same time I get paid for this and it is considered to be a wonderful thing. So time is money.