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November 1, 2007 10:20pm CST
I was sitting and thinking when I started wondering why there are no longer prophets and for that matter why there was a closing to the bible, why wouldn't it continue on aas times change. I get that thesed days we are full of cons and people who would portray themselves to be prophets but how would we know if we've overlooked and not listened to the right people, what if we've past up some authentic prophets as crazy or eccentric? I don't understand why God spoke to people constantly according to the Bible and now, not at all (one on one , real conversation like talking). Why would this cease when we need Him the most?
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@dickkell (403)
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3 Nov 07
Actually, there are a tremendous number of Christians to whom God does continue to speak. The Bible was closed because people wanted to have a specific set of texts and rules to judge situations by, and these works were selected because of their authentic authorship by those who knew Jesus in the flesh, and their closest disciples. In fact, if you read the book of Acts, you'll notice that it lacks a formal conclusion, because it was assumed that the acts would continue. Additionally, there have been countless texts continuing to be produced by Christians either with a message from God or expounding on the Christian life or virtues, and these serve as valuable tools for the faith development of millions of believers. There are prophets in the world today, and though they may or may not hold the ear of government officials, they still proclaim truth to the people. A man in dirty clothes standing in the subway warning sinners to repent because the Kingdom of God is at hand - what a looney, right? Or could they be a prophet? The preacher who declares the words of God, the friend who confides a message of comfort to another, a little old lady who boldly speaks against some local injustice... A prophet is not one who predicts the future and acts crazy. A prophet is one who hears God's message and proclaims it in the way God commands. Prophecy is not foretelling, but "forth"telling - that is saying what you hear God say to you. And prophecy continues,and will continue, until the day we all see God face to face. God has given some guidelines on how we are to judge those who say they are prophets. Their message must be consistant with the messages theat have come before. God doesn't change, so any "new revelation" will unfold things that have been unclear before or will dig deeper into who God is. God's fullest expression of Himself was in Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh, so anything contradicting Jesus is automatically out. It should be accepted by other prophets, because God speaks the same to all of his messengers. And finally, if there is ANY prediction in the prophecy, it must come to pass exactly as it was told (allowing for figures of speech and literary form) - none of this "someone will die soon" wow, that predicts the Kennedy assassination! kind of crap. God's messages will be clear and truthful without errors or mistakes.
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25 Nov 07
Thank you for your input ,I agree...I just wish that it moved more into our times and into more of the situations we face today. I guess I'm just one who loves detail...LOL. I say you made a great point about books being written by other Christians and perhaps your right and God is still delivering messages to us in that way, I know every now and then I will read one that touches my heart and soul in profound ways. I always thought of it as a message for me I just never related it the same way, but that's a comforting thought... Thanks!
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26 Aug 08
Yes I believe their are prophets on the earth today. Actual prophets like the ones in the days of the Bible. I would like to invite you to look at and see how the mormons believe. And please be aware that alot of people will try to tell you evil and bad things but I encourage you to read the info their, contact me and pray earnestly for an answer. It's out there. You just have to be willing to accept the answer despite what the world tells you is correct.