Rebond in Singapore or in the Philippines?

November 1, 2007 11:32pm CST
I have naturally wavy hair. Worst waves are on the front part (bangs) of my hair. I've had a rebond 2 years ago and I liked the result... although the one they did is like a light rebond, because they didn't use the hot iron thing, the hairdresser just used a hot blowdryer. After that, I just had my hair relaxed last year. Now... my hair's super-wavy and uncontrollable again! whatever shampoo I use that would tame the hair would be useless!So... I was thinking of having a rebond again. For those in Singapore, any suggestions of a salon that's good w/ rebonding? I'm thinking of Toni&Guys. I asked already last week, but I find it too expensive. For those in the Philippines, any suggestions? I'll be in the Philippines early December, so I was also considering of having it done there instead. Thanks!
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8 Jun 10
hi, If you happen to be close by pasig area I recommend Pals Salon(628-18-58). My gosh, it's really cheap it's scary. Ph1,100.00 with cellophane treatment). But, man, the long queue of rebonding customers they have everyday tells you the enviable quantity of recommendation they get from satisfied costumers. My wife goes there. They also use Loreal but the price is different. You'll admire their hair stylist, so professional. I guess because they had a lot of rebonding costumers that doing their task is just a walk in the park. They make it look so easy considering the fantastic results. I urge you to check them out. you will not regret it. You will thank me world without end, amen.
• Philippines
3 Nov 07
Well my hair is really long and straight right now. I have a waivy hair before, but when i went to a good parlor here in the PHILIPPINES. I spend php3000 or almost $85- $90 only. I do have a bangs also and its really straight. I think they used LOREAL hmm.. you try to go to a parlor who use Loreal or Unique. Hmm goodluck to you sister dont worry it will be straight again.
@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
2 Nov 07
I'm from the Philippines, I'm a guy that I hope I could help you!;) There are lots of salons here, one of the best is the locally-owned and proprietered by one of the country's best hair stylist, Ricky Reyes as that is also the name of his salon. Their David's Salon too, Ystilo (style in english) which was owned by a local celebrity here. These are just a few of what I can recall, they are all on the top and costs big bucks but are indeed offers good in service as well.