Smallville 7-6 Lara

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November 2, 2007 12:33am CST
Do you catch the last episode of Smallville? It was not one of its best but for those of us who are fans of the series will be thrilled that we actually get to see Lara (Kal-El's mother) and for those of you who dont keep up Kal-El is Clark Kent. Also in this episode Kara gets a rude awakening regarding her "holy" father. And of course, Chloe gets her feeling hurt AGAIN. A quick recap of the show. Chloe finds out about a clinic or support group for Meteor Freaks, which comes to find out is ran by Lana Lang. Wonder if she has a trick up her sleeve somewhere? Remember in the last episode Lionel makes a comment about how Lana is truly a real Luthor in a Lang body. Lana asks Chloe not to tell Clark Kent (CK) about all this. Much to Chole's refusal she eventually promises not to tell CK. Also, we get to see Kara again. That girl is just hot. To the producers of this show, nice catch with that one. It seems as if Kara has pretty much adopted Earth's influence when it comes to getting information from people. She finds this nerdy guy who is helping the G'ment work on trying to learn more about the crystal that Kara had lost. She tries to sweet talk him into giving her information. She succeeds in getting the information from him. Come on a nerdy girl gets hit on by a hot girl. Hell Id probably tell her everything about me and so on. Later, Kara gets a lead that leads her to Luthor Manor, where a G'ment Agent is waiting for her and he uses Kryptonite handcuffs on her to restrain her from hurting him. She is placed in a lab, tied up to a machine and has liquid krypto flowing into her veins. This machine will replay things in peoples minds. This is where Kara finds out her Father (Zor-El, Jor-El's brother and CKs Uncle) is not what she thought he was, he was actually an evil man. He tried to convince Lara to leave Jor-EL and live on Earth with him and Kara. When Lara refused he said it didnt matter b/c he had a crystal that had Lara's DNA in it. And he would just use that to recreate her for his satisfaction. Also, before this takes place we find out that Lara had been spying on the Kent's to see if they were fit to be Kal-El's Earth parents and also we learn Kara gave him his name Kal-El. Toward the end Chloe runs into Jimmy and ask him to lunch but Kara already beat her to the punch. As Jimmy and Kara walk off Chloe is doing everything not to cry. Man, I tell you know a Krypto is not the best of luck. CK broke Chloe's heart in the early seasons and now Kara is in the middle of another heart-breaking moment for Chloe. Before the show went off the air CK shows Lana the crystal with his mothers DNA in it. Well that is the jist of the show. Catch it on the re-runs or wait for the Season to come to DVD to watch it.
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• Brazil
19 Dec 07
Very good this episode because it shows as mader of Clark wise person where was leaving it and shows as the father of Kara not was a good person thus
@stealthy (8188)
• United States
3 Nov 07
I thought it was a pretty good episode, especially the ending when Clark showed the crystal to Lana which showed he was the one who took it from the lab. They have had two ex-superman actors and an ex-supergirl actor and one ex-Lois Lane. I wonder if they will try, or have tried, to get another former Lois Land, Teri Hatcher, to come on the show. Since she is tied up with Desperate Housewives, I guess it is not very likely.
• Malaysia
2 Nov 07
thanks for the update :) ..i don't get to watch the latest season of smallville at all, unless I download it off the net. Since I don't live in the US, we get tv series rather's so annoying! The latest here is season 6 huhu.
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2 Nov 07
First off, I was really glad they got the original Supergirl to play Clark's real mom! With her on the show, that meant two people who have played Supergirl on the same episode, it's like passing on the torch or something lol! That's like when they had two other guys who played Superman (Christover Reeve and Dean Cain) alongside the current Superman of this generation. I wonder what Lana is planning too. There has to be something more to it than to help the "meteor freaks". As for Chloe, I feel sorry for her. I wish they would just get a guy in her life lmao! I like her.