Have you ever been to such village in Beijing?

November 2, 2007 4:49am CST
In May day, I had a trip to an ancient village named Chuandixia with my former colleagues. It would be ascended to Ming Dynasty.Until now it still remains landlord's house. U can feel that how they slept on the Kang, sucking their tobacco pipe. What's the most characteristic is their flavors. Many dises are cooked simply, but much delicious! One kind of cakes made by corn have a distinctive flavor. It is not exquisite as our steambread. So when you chew in mouth, you feel not soft but energetic. I think this village must be famous Sihe Yard. There are more than 40 families living in it. And you can visit each house for free. Surrounding the village stands some mountains. That was my first time to climb hills. When you get up to the top, overlooking everything on the ground and breathing fresh air, how comfortable you are! As 2008 Olympic Games is coming, I suggest all friends go to that chassic village to have a look! Enjoy yourselves!
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