Have you cut your own hair?

United States
November 2, 2007 10:53am CST
I don't know about any of you, but I am rarely satisfied with my haircuts. I have tried cheap salons and expensive ones. They never listen. I know exactly how I would like it cut. So, what I would like to know is how many of you has attemped to cut your own hair? How did it turn out? What advice can you give?
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@raychill (6530)
• United States
3 Nov 07
Yes. I actually used to cut my hair for about 6 years. My hair was pretty short and messy and had that "just woke up" look so it was pretty easy to cut my hair. nothing had to be uniform and I just used a hair razor. I've been growing my hair out for the past year and a half or so though. Now if I wanted to cut it I don't know if I'd do it myself. The best part of cutting your hair yourself is that you have no one to blame but yourself. The second piece of advice i'd give you is not to cut it too short and have a shorter cut in mind in case you do screw it up. also have mirrors placed so that you can see the back of your head just as well as the front and the sides.
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@jan135 (537)
• Australia
3 Nov 07
I had my haircut just recently, it was quite long and getting pretty scragally. Firsly I cut about 6 inches off one side and them asked my partner to cut the rest to match. As you can imagine, it was a bit of a mess and all different lengths, so I had to go to the hairdresser's. I too knew the cut I wanted but do you think the hairdresser got it right, NO. When it was finished I said I wanted it this way and not the way she had blown dried it and the hairdresser just said OH, your hair is so straight, it won't go that way. When I came home I got the curling tongs out and guess what I got it just the way I had wanted it in the first place.
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@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
2 Nov 07
I did cut my hair when i was in college. It turned ok. I had it layered. I was also too tired to go to salons for them to really dig on what i wanted to do with my hair. But hey, the one i did was well appreciated by friends.
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@Michele21 (3094)
• United States
2 Nov 07
I have been cutting my own hair for about a year now just because I am too cheap to pay someone else to do it. And it always turns out fine. I jusy wash it so it is all wet, then I part it down the middle and cut both sides and try to get it even. Then I look in the mirror at the back and make sure it is straight and if not I just trim it up so it looks good.
@dew431 (152)
• India
7 Nov 07
yeah whenever i need to trim my hairs i do it at my own as its cheap and can be done whenever necessary,i prefer it at home as it reduces the chances of scalp infections as at salons hair cut may cause infection or other kind of scalp problems.
@Nykkee (2523)
• Canada
5 Nov 07
I always cut my own bangs and I have my best friend or my sister cut the long part of my hair. I would like to go to a hairdresser so that I would have a layered hair cut but like you said, they never listen, and I am afriad they would just do something I wouldn't like and then not only would I be unhappy with my hair but I woul dhave to pay for it.