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November 2, 2007 12:53pm CST
My son is 13 and has been put in a school called Bluegrass discovery Adcadamy,with middle schools of 3 or 4 and the rest is high schoolers,each has major problems.Some has anger problems,some disapline problems and other just don't seem to care how they act, I feel my son don't belong to either group!Last year he was bullied and he fought back after no teachers would help him.And then he got a attitude with the teachers and other kids.Each day I fought him so he would go to school, he would cry and scream and beg me to let him stay home.And it's almost the same this year. he has been suspended over fights at this school he was trying to defend his self from the high schooler,(he is the smallest one there)I just found out they keep some kids who has acted up during lunch at the regular middle school where they go to eat breakfast and lunch, they keep those at the alternative school and try to remember to bring them thier lunches, and I found out it is against the law for them to with hold food and meals from any student,they have to let them have the same chioces as the rest of the student body, but they haven't been. My son informed me he isn't allowed to go back to the middle school for meals since he was involved in a fight during luch last week, they bring him his lunch and it's cold when he gets it.He wont eat cold food unless it's sandwhich foods.I have called and left messages every where trying to get help.He is also wanting to quit school, is there any laws in Kentucky that would let a 13 or 14 year old be took from school early? Is there a loop hole, besides home schooling? I can't afford the resources for that.But he can go on to get his GED when he is old enough too.And I have also tried to get him in other schools in surrounding countys but they don't want a problematic child,to keep him where he is. I haven't a idea what to do. Help anyone!Please.
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@angemac23 (2005)
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2 Nov 07
This is a difficult situation and one that doesn't seem to be being dealt with by the people who should be doing something! It is very unfortunate that your son wants to quit school over this, but I can certainly understand why. No one should have to put up with this sort of treatment, it makes one dread waking up in the morning to face the day they know they are up against! If there are no laws against withholding food from children, there should be! This is just not right no matter what he did to be giving this penalty! Have you tried seeing if there is another school in the area he can go to? Or maybe talking to people in other outlets to see what can be done. School should be a safe, fun and educational environment.
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2 Nov 07
there is laws I found out, I am waiting to hear what the schools food services director have to say about it.
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3 Nov 07
Well if this was my situation I would start by calling attention to the school by going to the newspaper with this story. Tell them how the school is treating your son (without giving his name) and after repeated msges you have not goteen a call back. I bet the newspaper would love this kind of story. They have no rigth to treat your child this way whether he is in a school for problematic children or not. They are still people no matter what. You could also try going to the school board and reporting them. I know if this was me I would do whatever I could to get that school in trouble for the way they are treating your boy. Hugs and Good Luck