A 42 years old, female, married with 3 kids is suffering from myoma

November 2, 2007 2:27pm CST
I am 42 years old(female), with three kids( all grown-ups). Had undergone pelvic ultrasound last June this year but it surprised me i was detected to have size 8.6 cm myoma. after almost 4 months, this october, I had again undergone transvaginal ultra sound and to found out that I have two myomas instead one is size 2.2 cm and the other is 6.9 cm. I sought advise from a gynecologist and my obgyne. She asks me if i do not wish to gave birth again, then id rather have a total hysterectomy operation though the doctor had advised me that its not too serious ailment for now but if in case i will experienced some discomforts like profuse bleeding and severe pain then i must undergo an immediate operation .. am planning to have myself be operated the early week of January next year. For anyone who have underwent same health problem what do you advise me? Is an early operation the best action that I must do?
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