A Unique Question To Ponder... *Hehe*

November 2, 2007 7:59pm CST
Okay, No I Haven't Done This, No, I Will Never Try This, BUT It's Just A Really Interesting Thought!!! What if someone were to say - go to a party, or a friends house, all the while thinking it was a 'dry' party, meaning NO BOOZE! (alcoholic beverages) They started to feel funny but just chalked it up to being tired or something, so it was time to drive home. Upon driving home, this person is stopped by the police, forced to take a brethalizer test, their blood alcohol level comes up pretty high and they insist that they were at a dry party drinking punch, not alcohol, and they don't understand how on earth they could be drunk... Do you think the cop would let the person off easy? understanding that the person was drinking what they thought was punch but obviously wasn't, and just have them call someone to drive them the rest of the way home? Or do you think that the cop would take it as just some evasion of the law and incarcerate them for a DUI, as well as other charges? Please let me know your version of thinking and why. I came up with this idea while i was trying out my first kahlua filled chocolate, and started thinking about all the times people have told me stories about 'dry' parties, that turned out to be nothing close to 'dry'.
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@darkaeon (466)
• Portugal
3 Nov 07
hi, it depends on the cop if he was understanding he would let you go away to home if not you would have a problem because he could take you away your license!
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• United States
3 Nov 07
This is very good question and one fraught with danger. It is such a good thing that you asked it now at the beginning of the holiday season. As far as the police go, I have no idea what the answer to that would be; but ...PARENTS, Listen UP, Please. It doesn't matter what age your children are, if they are going to a party drum it into their heads 1. NOT to drink anything out of punch bowls 2. NOT to drink anything in glasses that have already been poured for them 3. NOT to drink anything that is being poured from a pitcher Some parents may shake their heads at this and be a bit pi$$ed that they should have to go out and purchase soda in cans and bottles instead of in more economical 2-liter sizes; but if the party was at another kid's house they would feel much more safe knowing that they didn't have to worry about what someone may have put into the brew. ~Donna
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