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November 3, 2007 4:28pm CST
Today my eyes where opened thanks to my brave lil' girl who is 11.She told on her older sister and brother.For the older sister having a tatoo on her hand, which they know how I feel over them things,and they had been smoking at thier grandma's.And grandma knew!After my through chewing out and groundings, I confronted the grandma,and she tried to make it out to be nothing and accually said "well you tried it out when you was younger" and i reminder her that she beat the crap out of me for one try,and she was letting them form the habit I was trying to not let happen!I grounded her and the kids from each other.I decided to keep her away from them as long as possible for this act. I asked my oldest daughter about when did she get her tat and she first said at school by a boy named dustin ,then changed it to she did it her self.I don't know weather to go to school of not I aint for sure what to do.There at school she has come home with hickies on her neck and there you are not allowed to hug or hold hands! So what is you idea on the matter?What would you do if you was me?
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@ayshren (137)
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3 Nov 07
How old is the daughter that is coming home with a hickey on her neck?? If you are sure they happened while she was at school, I would go to the school and talk to someone. You also need to find out if someone at that school did give her a tattoo and who it was, and get in touch with their parents. Thats rediculous.
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