The Race Card in our Laungue

Nas  - Hip Hop Nas Master
November 3, 2007 10:18pm CST
This is a second part to my Dog Chapman Story... I was watching the MTV news last night of an artist Nas' master who is planning to release a very controversially titled album using the "N" word..."There hasn't been an album that has caused this much ruckus without one note being consumed by the general public since, well, Nas' last LP, 2006's Hip Hop Is Dead" But with the HipHop market leaning towards young whites, is this a safe move? And why can we be sujected to the "N" word in Music, Comedy and yet not have it stick to our vocabulary? "The Rev. Al Sharpton, who has condemned Nas for titling his new album the way he did, released a joint statement with Abraham H. Foxman, national director and chairman of the Anti-Defamation League, relating to the Chapman incident. "The recent epidemic of nooses and swastikas appearing in various places in our communities are acts of hate, and are intended to intimidate and instill fear," the statement said. "Such acts are despicable, and we call upon all people of good will — of all races, religions and ethnicities — to stand up and say such acts will not be tolerated.""My question is should we just drop the word? Why do we not change the Name of the Country Nigeria for it is the same for of the word, Nigeria also have a state using this foul name( Why do African Americans have free range on using the harsh names.....
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