The New Manifesto

United States
November 3, 2007 11:56pm CST
The Manifesto concludes that the "Call to Action" demanding "full obedience to the Bible" with a list of 12 social evils to oppose. Homosexuality and abortion on demand are numbers 1 and 2 on the list. These seem to be more important than unjust treatment of the poor (#5) and racial discrimination (#8). A letter from the man R.J. Rushdoony, founder of the Chalcedon Foundation, stated "God in His law requires the death penalty for homosexuals as stated in Romans 1:32. Before his death, he stated that the death penalty should apply to homosexuals if God were to bless this nation once again. Since then, there has been many fundies just like this trying to get into the White House and other smaller councils, such as local and state. They believe that if they became involved in the "grassroots" politics, they can start to apply these ideals to the Constitution. When asked in an interview about he interpreted the passage in Leviticus that calls for the death of a man sleeping with another man, Rushdoony stated, "It means they should be killed." When asked if the church folk were to do the killing, Rushdoony stated, "No, that's the civil authority's job. That's why we have to get more good men of God elected into government. I know it's hard for them to hear, but God said it and it's our job to obey." When asked about the other "sins" that require the death penalty (adultry, children cursing their parents, rape, incest, witchcraft, bestiality, ect.), Rushdoony's reply was "Absolutely." The Manifesto for the Christian Church states that because the Bible condones homosexuality by God, the homosexuals must be condemned by this nation, as well. If the country honors sinful lesbian and gay Americans (through legal recognition of their relationships), it disobeys God, causing him "to remove his hand of blessing from the nation." What do you think about this type of ignorance? What can be done to stop them from achieving their goals?
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@tatzkie (644)
• Philippines
4 Nov 07
wow. his view is an utter and outright violation of the rights of human biengs for gender preference and equality. ignorance and backward consciousness is what i call to people who think this way. Although, he has the right to say what he thinks and what he believes in but he cant impose this on us. Coz we have equal right to belief, opinion and speech.
• United States
4 Nov 07
Yes I agree about that. Humans have a basic right for certain things, and these people are trying to change all of that to make people do as they say. Unfortunately, history repeats itself and the results are usually really bad, except in certain cases.
• United States
5 Nov 07
Aren't Caldeans Pagan? These are disortated Ideas, and if you don't believe the Bible as written by men with the Holy Spirit, there is no sense in me making my point, my believe is based on faith, you don't believe so how could I convince you to hear my opinion.
@cyntrow (8524)
• United States
12 Dec 07
You've made any point, Marki. Your goal is bigotry and generalization. You know nothing.