Who here is almost at payout? And how much more do you need?

United States
October 28, 2006 9:17am CST
I am almost at payout..I like 34 more cents,Until I reach payout,So my goal is to atleast today have 400 points,To make sure I hit my goal,So who else it at payment,and how much more do you like til you get payout?
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@ossie16d (11827)
• Australia
28 Oct 06
I have actually reached, and passed, the minimum payout so will be getting my money in the middle of next month. To get it I regularly respond to a variety of discussions, making the best quality response that I can, started a few discussions, received some 'best response' as well as positive (+)ratings. I rarely, if ever, make 1 or 2 word responses either and I think this is why I have some best response and positive ratings. If I start a discussion, then I take the time to say a few words to each of the respondents and even though it does mean I am not responding to other discussions I believe it is important to acknowledge that others have made an effort to respond to my discussions. Keep doing these sort of things and you will see your rating and therefore earnings soar. Good luck and I hope you do reach payout this month. :)
• United States
29 Oct 06
Wow..I just noticed..I replied to this this morning,and it did not put it up there..Well..I do think it is good to respond back..It helps you get to know people,and makes them want to answer more of your questions..And I hope I reach payout this month,too,and with A rating like you got..I am sure you have had payout before,and how many times have you got paid,and how much have you got paid all together?? Thank you for responding to my Discussion..Always nice to get responses.