what kinds of job i should choice??

November 4, 2007 1:59am CST
I major in Internetional Business English. Next year i will graduate from university, after 2 month i had to practice,but for have no experience people,it's difficult for me to find a suitable job,morever i am a shy girl,now i am trying hard to find my direction!!Have you any idea to recommend me??thank u!
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• China
5 Nov 07
First I wanna ask you,"Do you really like your major?" If the answer is "yes", Congratulation is what I wanna do for you for you only have to go to a company and do your best.One year after the first day your entering the company you would be experienced. but if the answer is "no", I think you will have a hardship. Because it's difficult to find a new orientation which you wanna go during the rest of your life. Do you agree with me?
• China
6 Nov 07
yeah,you said very right!!About my major,i don't how to say,before i entering the university,i was very interested in english,but now i find it's difficult for me to find a job that related to my major,everyone said i choose a good major and easy to find a job,but i afraid my oral english,and i'll be shyness when everyone around me, i don't know how to show myself!!!
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
4 Nov 07
Gather some 15 school children and teach them english for an hour everyday and collect some money. This will give you a lot of strength and courage to face the people and your shyness will disappear. In India, when people are good in english language, start coaching people in business english and make good money. Secondly you can keep writing articles on China in english to several good sites which accepts articles (I can give you the addressess) and you can earn money. Thirdly you prepare your resume and keep sending it in the final stages of your education, so that you can be recruited for the job as a teacher, or as trnaslator. Wishing you a happy time and all the best in your endeavours.
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5 Nov 07
Thank u for your good idea!!as your mention,i know how to choose my job,just as teach can give me lots of strength and my shyness will disppear.This is important to me,i have to face this reality society,shyness can do nothing!!just as Liyang said"i like lost face".and can you tell me the addressess about the writing,i want to know more about it!!