November 4, 2007 6:24am CST
Did you love Mathematics subject??? Which chapter you love most?? I love Indices and Logarithms, Quadratic Equations, and more. How about you??
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@ayou82 (3460)
• Philippines
4 Nov 07
I dont know I really hate Mathematics. eversince i went to school. Why count using your hands plus your feet if you can use a calculator more accurate and need speed... I mean seriously, i never liked Math...i just dont know why ask me in History prepare popcorns and chips then we do a review...I can answer your questions .
• Malaysia
6 Nov 07
thanks 4 da comment maths actually is the best and interesting subject compare to the other..........
• Italy
31 Dec 07
Finite Group Theory and Topology are my favourite branches of mathematics. And a little Calculus and Probability Theory, but I don't know much about that as in Group Theory. Fractals also are fascinating, but that is mostly topology, metric spaces and complex analysis
@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
26 Nov 07
Yes, Mathematics is my FAVOURITE subject in school! The reason I love this subject is very bizarre; because my father is a teacher of maths! He will coach me in my maths and believe it or not, I always studied the syllabus of the following year under my Dad, so I was always sort of ahead of the class in maths. I really love Trigonometry; I know many people hate this, but I am always fascinated by all the uncommon trigonometry terms such as cosinus, cotangent and so on, and it's really cool to use them as well. Unfortunately, the course at university I'm studying at the moment has very little to do with maths, so I'm not really putting my school interest into practice....