What Do You Think Of Your Children's Friends Joining A Vacation With You?

United States
November 4, 2007 3:24pm CST
What is your opinion on your childrens friends joining a vacation with you and your family? I personally don't have a problem with it as long as it's not our family reunion or a fmaily only kind of thing. My oldest daughter is allowed to bring one close frined that I know and approve of and I've met they're family and they're family has oked it. For instance, My oldest is allowed to bring one friend for our spring break vacation to Tennessee this March For any of my children to go with their friends on a vacation I have to meet they're parents and approve of where they're going. What are your rules when it comes to this? Comments, Opinions and Thoughts are welcomed.
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@bizmom (515)
• United States
11 Nov 07
we ran into that same thing this summer they wanted to take a friend with us to NY wel im not one of those parents that like MY kids away from me muchless that far ( 5 hours!) so i decided against it - but we are looking into renting or *time sharing* a cabin for summers and they asked me again if they could invite a friend or so to stay with us then - and im ok with it! ( we willonly be about an hour away on the lake) of course depends on the parents!! but id say if its quite far then NO!! but where they arent to far and the parents were to give me the hopsital they want me to take them to IF ( god forbid) i had to and or allergies and numbers to reach them at all times then sure!! Im mostly speaking from having run my own daycare for 6 years and having had the choking and first aid certificaions too :) ( which might help in the *selling point* lol XX
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5 Nov 07
Hi Ohio Mom, sounds like you love kids and have lots of patience. I personally have 2 children of my own and love them but will not take their friends with me on a family trip. I just wouldn't want that responsibility. But that's just me. More power to you. Moms like you are great though, when I can handle it mentally, emotionally and financially ...I will give it a try.