What is the blondest moment you've had? I don't know what color eggs are......

@dayzz25 (552)
United States
November 4, 2007 11:31pm CST
As a kid my grandpa had chickens. They always laid brown eggs and the eggs in the store were white. I never asked anyone but just assumed that the egg factory bleached the eggs to get all of the chicken crap off of the eggs and that was why the eggs were white. Well recently, and I'm 30 years old, my moms husband purchased some chickens and they lay white eggs. So I was like why does your chickens lay white eggs, I thought that all fresh eggs were brown. He informed me that different types of chickens lay different colored eggs. He even showed me a blue egg that one of his chickens lay. I felt pretty dumb after finding this information out after 30 years. Have you ever felt as dumb as I do?
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
28 Nov 07
hahahahahaha that is so cute.... my blondest moment was when I bought my new car, it had a CD player and a radio in it but I wanted a cassette player as well, I had a lot of cassetts and at that time I played them the most, so when I picked my new car I took it straight to a place to put my new cassette player in, so I drive home go in a nd get my favourite cassette and try to put it in as you do a normal cassette player, I am putting this dow to being so excited about my new car... the cassette wouldn't go in so I rang the company to ask if it took a special size cassette, he said no, and he couldn't believe the cassette would not go in so he asked me to bring the car back so I did, I picked up the cassette and sai see that does not fit in there, he took the cassette out of my hand, turned it around sideways and in it went..blush blush.....