Pluto is not a planet Anymore....

@markdan (127)
November 5, 2007 12:51am CST
Guys, I hate to say this.. Pluto has recently off from our solar system. According to National Geographic "Pluto has been demoted because it does not dominate its neighborhood. charon, its large "moon", is only about half the size of pluto, while all true planets are far larger than their moons". So guys are you willing to give up the Planet Pluto? Or you still want it to be part of our solar system?
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@aseretdd (13709)
• Philippines
5 Nov 07
Pluto is still a part of our solar system but not as a planet but something lesser than that because of it's is sad that this has to happen to a place so small and dark... i guess, since astronomers are discovering more and more planets in other galaxies... there should be an upgrade on how to brand planets... but then... i don't think pluto will ever be forgotten... it will always remain as a planet that once was....