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November 5, 2007 1:23am CST
Hello. I have a home problem. The thing is that when my family walks on the floor, my neighbor under our floor complains that our steps are too loud. But the thing is that that's how we walk naturally. My neighbor has been banging our floor with some sort of tool for several months and I'm not sure how to stop this. This banging feels so uncomfortable that I believe it affects me and my family severely. It's like my heart pounds severly every time this banging happens. Also, sometimes they make really uncomfortable sounds with some tools that I don't know of. Can people who had a similar situation like me tell how they solved this similar problem? I appreciate as much advice I can get. I'm not really sure how to stop this problem. So far, I'm wondering if I should call the police. What do you suggest I should do? If there are any other advice or solutions, please tell me!!!!! Thanks!!!!!
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@Dee351972 (743)
5 Nov 07
Hi, First i would tell the landlord. Tell him that what the guy is doing and that all you are doing is walking. So he has no reason to bang on the floorSee what the landlord can do. If he cant or wont do nothing then maybe u may think of moving . Let me know
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5 Nov 07
Thanks for responding. I'll try to see how things turn out. If things are not going well, I might start contacting the landlord, then later the police. Anybody else have other advice and suggestions? I would appreciate this.
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6 Nov 07
YOu are very welcome. I help you get things taken care of soon!