dating and relationships by zidane44

November 5, 2007 4:48am CST
hello people, i will talk today about dating and relationships we all know its a big topic so who can help to make us understand it you are.i think in first step: is to ask our selves.IS there physical thing in our bodies motivate us to start dating with someone then devolped it to a relationship i think there is sychological link between the man and the woman make them always in that feel of need to eachother.but how we know that we are want to date someone we like.i believe that it started with A LOOK,A SMILE,A CHECKHAND,THEN A DATE.these things is my imagine how dating may differ from state to state.i think we all want our realationships like friends show.very funny relations between its stars.but in real life not show.its reasonable after priod of dating a new stage begin called realationships which is more important than dating because it contains new links may be sexualty,mentallity,feelings and emotions. i know that i am not expert in this so i ask people who have exeperience in this field to tell us his opinion about the topic and his point of view.and forgive me if i dont write every thing about relationships but i think it is just a start and i will write more soon. THANK TO ALL PEOPLE WHO READ MY DISCUSSION AND THANKS AGAIN TO WHO GUIDE ME
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5 Nov 07
...There are many factors which led us to find another person attractive. One of the oddest things is a feature similar to ourselves. People look like they belong together for a reason. Maybe their eyes are very similar or hair color. We are attracted to people who look like we do. ...The things that make a relationship work in the long run have to do with maturity. Are the people involved able to discuss the difficult issues, are they able to work through a disagreement, is there honesty, trust, compassion, understanding as well as physical attraction, passion and mutual expression of desire all come into play in what make a relationship work or not. ...Welcome to myLot. Keep on posting. Peace be with you. =(^;^)= Della