brave enough to shout "love" under the blue sky

November 5, 2007 8:20am CST
Sometimes we prefer to conceal our true feeling in our minds,and shy to speak out what our really think.humm```That is very dangerous.If you are one of these people. you should correct this attiude as soon as possible.Believe it or not,you really had miss a lot love .Of course, "love" is not only the love between lovers but also friendship,teamshipand so on.Would you like to share your wonderful memory? welcome!
2 responses
• India
13 Nov 07
Well if u have dont shy from loving a person than u must not shy away from speaking it out.. becauz u r doing nothing wrong in it.. U r telling the true feeling u have for Him/her.. U wanna make her happy and smiling why r u shying away from expressing ur feeling.. just think of ur love.. and just say it...that u love her/him... if u r too late in saying than that person can be somebody else.. so plz dont do this to u.. say it ...I love You......
• China
14 Nov 07
Thank you for your response.I hold the opinion of you.We should all have the courage to shout our love from our heart.
• Philippines
14 Dec 07
It's really very difficult to suppress feelings, be it love, anger, etc. We could not have a happy life as long as we nurture feelings in our hearts. We have to express them so that other people may know and could understand.