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November 5, 2007 7:58pm CST
I have been reading discussions about all these moms who a trying without much success to find a job working at home. And alot of people say look at my blog for obvious reasons. I have a site on my profile too, that has paid me well. BUT.....For now DON'T LOOK AT MY PROFILE JUST READ...I have been working from home off and on since the birth of my now four yr old daughter and IT IS NOT EASY IT's HARD!! And something else I found out Big Surprise alot of the time you have to work more than one I currently do. JOB1 calling residences and scheduling truck pick-ups for donations for charity. JOB2 It's Independent contract position (means I am responsible for taking out my own taxes) also a phone job that requires an unlimited long distance plan. JOB3 on my profile I DO NOT PAY FOR MY employment. There is a good free website for telecommuting positions. Here it is. www.genuinejobs.com As yet I haven't found one fix it all position. A few companies hire telemarketers but well yuck. I wish luck to all and hope someone finds this useful
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6 Nov 07
Thanks for sharing..I do work from home jobs.. I found my job on craig's list and am almost two years with the company. I am paid bi-weekly and a sizeable salary, more then I have ever made in my lifetime.