Do you PUSH YOURSELF into a CROWDED TRAIN or WAIT for the NEXT ???

November 6, 2007 6:31am CST
I WONDER IF ITS ONLY WITH ME .....while travelling in a rush hour of a highly crowded cosmopolitan city, 'I often have to face, mob trying to get into the subway-train while I STRUGGLE to push myself out of it.. Its somtimes a nudge and somtimes a tsunami-type of a SWEEP-OFF ..... WHY DO PEOPLE SOMETIMES BEHAVE SO DESPERATE???? Its simply dishearteninig to see EDUCATED people turning so imature and INSECURE, they block the door to get in AND fix their ..s into a comfortable seat or a corner, AS if their whole life would come to an END if they fail to do so..... SEEMS LIKE its some kind of a WAR and they have to spend the rest of their life in that platform if they cant catch THAT ONE train ....WHERE AS the next train might be within a gap of 3 minutes or so.... IS THIS ONLY HAPPENING WITH ME ???? OR IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE WHOM I CAN SHARE MY PAIN WITH??
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@megumiart (3781)
• United States
1 Feb 08
If I'm in a rush, or the next train doesn't come for a long time, then yes I would force myself on a train...this is probably also how a lot of other people think, and if many people think like this, then there's bound to be a pushy crowd on a rush on trains.
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@smartx (320)
• India
23 Nov 07
I think i would go in the Crowded train..this is well in coincidenc ewith sometimes dont get the best you need to accept it and go with what you have..So i f iam in that place i would do that..
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• India
11 Nov 07
Nope I have seen this a lot dear, actually I face it every now and then. You know what, its not that much irritating when you find workers like those diggers and all or people from villages who are not learned pushing there way into the train compartment, but its really and highly irritating when you find that people who are learned, experienced and old or even lawdies pushing there way in. These guys loose all there dignity and self respect and chivalry just to get that one seat to fit there ##S, aS if they have no feet to stand and as if nothing is more important that getting to sit. Its really stupid when you have to try to find and force your way out the in flowing crowd, just to get off at the station you have to. I don't know why people get so restless that they can't evn wait for others to get out of the train. Even when the next train would hardly take 5 to 10 mins. Any ways I hope people try and understand and learn a few manners. Take Care MAy GOD Bless YOU