It is very cold, but at home we have still annoying mosquitoes, how can it be?

@opinione (749)
November 6, 2007 9:57am CST
It is the first year that in November we have a lot of mosquitoes, and it is a very cold season this year! I'm wondering how can it be? I don't think that there are climatic or planetary reasons, may be our neighbours have left some still waters where some eggs of this insects could have opened after some delay... Another possibility is that the disinfection operated each year by the sanitary authority, this year has stopped too soon and some insects could have the possibility to survive (good for them!). I don't know. The fact is that every night we have to be annoyed by the classical buzz of these 'immortal' mosquitoes. Another puzzling zoological enigma... LOL bye
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• India
7 Nov 07
yes .. i have hear that having a leamon tree keeps the mosquitos away Regards Harry
• China
7 Nov 07
This is a natural phenomena!Their progenitive speed is over what we can imangine.You kill one today,you will find one hundred more tomorrow.So don not try to kill out them,just keep them away!Well,i hate mosquitoes very much too.
@hillock (749)
• Qatar
7 Nov 07
thank God we dont have any mosquito here. Maybe they couldnt survive because were in the middle of the dessert. hehehe! thats one thing i love here.
• Australia
7 Nov 07
They are defying time! I would get a big bug zapper to teach them to stay away!
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
6 Nov 07
We know about climate but not moquitoes in the sense, where there is water clogged, stagnated, it is the finest place for mosquitoes to breed and they produce millions in several minutes. A like may be excellent, beautiful, having scenic beauty, because water is not flowing in nature, mosquiotoes breed in millions. My house is near a lake (100 metres) I too have the mosquitoes problem in all seasons. But we keep the place clean, close the windows and doors by 6 p.m. and burn the coil and spray the room. It is so much chemical oriented, we are planning some organic stuff to prevent mosquitoes mushrooming our place. There is a place in Bangalore called Koramangala. A housewife opens the door in one hand only when someone rings the bell of main door, because in the other hand she keeps burning coil so prevent the entry of mosquitoes!! There are some places in Bangalore which are mosquioto-free especially where there is closed and good drainage system.
@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
6 Nov 07
Well you can perform fumigation, or either you use insecticides to kill them. Yes, sometimes it's in the environment that most of them multiply and live. If your backyard or community is not clean, then you have a high probability that mosquitoes will be attracted to it. I'm not sure if you have mosquito nets, coils, repellants etc. that can destroy them all, but you have to take precautions since mosquitoes carry lots of deseases.