Confessions of a broken heart

@chrys84 (118)
United States
November 6, 2007 6:55pm CST
Life was wonderful, beautiful, and meaningful until that fateful day. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How could this be happening? My beloved boyfriend of a year and a half was telling me that "it wasn't working". My heart fell right out of my body and onto the pavement. I was standing behind my building, next to the dumpster on my lunch break. He was trying to explain to me that he no longer had the same feelings for me as he did before. But all I heard was the loud sound of my heart beat. I slowly sunk to floor into a puddle of my tears and let out a cry of sadness. By this time he was no longer on the phone. So there I sat in pain, self pity, lonliness, and heartache. Could I ever love again? Short stories by Chrysinthia Murry Copyright 2007
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