Unpredictable past in the history

@nesher (237)
United States
November 6, 2007 8:52pm CST
There is a joke, that Russia is a unique country. If all others have unpredictable future, Russia has unpredictable past as well. Every new leader is re-writing the history per his convenience, and revealing new pages about the real historical events (true or false). I have several questions for your review: 1. Do you think, it is possible to falsify the major events in your country for general public? 2. Do you think, that it ever can be justified, based on the security, safety, economic, educational, or any other reasons? Or people should know truth, no matter what?
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• United States
7 Nov 07
The people should know the truth. If not, you get a lie that is assumed to be the truth. Or conspiracy theories live on.Case in point. Ever since Nov 1963, many Americans believe that there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy.It lives on because the government's lack of disclosing All the facts. As long as they don't tell the whole truth, conspiracy theories will live on. And now there are some that think that Bush had something to do with 911.I don't know why or how this has happened, but it is out there.There are some that still think there is a link between Iraq and 911.You would think that after all the facts come out, that people will believe the truth, but these days I am not so sure.