Sometimes Sorry Just isn't good enough

@missbdoll (1168)
November 7, 2007 1:53am CST
A bit over a week ago I ran into a former freind at another freinds place and he apologised to me aqbout the way he had treated me,bare in mind all this took place well over a year ago!he'd ripped me off and caused a lot of trouble for me.He's seem me many times since than and has never bothhered to say sorry, and it seems he's only doing it now cause his health is bad and he needs an operation.And the freind who's place we were at had convinced him to do it I think.She said as much after he left. This guy said if were going to keep being in the same places I had to just put out of my head what had happened. Now I almost feel mad because he just wants to be of the hook.But because of this guy I no longer trust anyone and I've totaly lost my confidence. He went on so much that I said if he really ment why not just try to be a decent freind and he said if he came thru this he would.Do people really change that much?And this man really doesn't seem to have freinds, only people that are some use to him
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