Writing and man's Mind

November 7, 2007 9:04am CST
When every one starts writing, could not find that from where the words come in his/her mind. One just start typing or writing with an Idea in mind and words that seems to be exact for the sentace come to one's mind. Actuly, These words are only that one have ever read some where else. Untile one have not read or see anything could not say some thing about the thing. Ideas come into man's mind when he see some thing, and these ideas make the man to think on them. If a man start painting then they become visible to every one, and the choice of colors and shape, even when person does not seen the in real, can make the shape look like real. Like the same, when one think that there is some thing, then man's mind start thing on it and when man starts writing or typing, the suitabe words comes in mind and the fingers make them visible to us. like my this writing. Good Bye
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