bad hair day!!! everyday?

Bad Hair Day Today? - I am having a bad hair day today, just like yesterday, most probably again tomorrow!
November 7, 2007 6:12pm CST
Ok, I always joke that whenever someone notices my hair, I just tell them that it is my charm. But seriously, my hair has a life of its own! It is naturally wavy but the waves go in every direction imaginable! To be honest, I am so sick and tired of TV ads saying that this shampoo do wonders for your hair or that conditioner will make your hair go straight. Now, whenever I see them ads, I just go "yeah right, as if!" So any of you guys have any advice on how to tame my hair? LOL
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@wdiong (1818)
• Singapore
8 Nov 07
I do not believe any shampoo would really make hair go straight. My hair is a little wavy too,especially when it is layered (and I need to have it layered as I have alot of hair) ,it's even worse. What I do is to have my hair rebonded at the salon and that means having to sit there for about 5 hours but it's worth it as I end up having really straight hair and it should last for at 6 months if not 1 year.
• Philippines
8 Nov 07
hey wdiong, i had a straight theraphy about a year ago. i must admit that it really looked good. the only trouble with it is that its too expensive and i'm on a budget at the moment. have you ever tried coconut milk? or milk with conditioner, someone said that to me before but too scared in case all my hair falls off!!! hehehe
• New Zealand
9 Nov 07
During my highschool and college days, I always have a bad hair day that's why my hair is always cut short to manage it easily but when I tried hair straightening, Ive experienced to have a long hair. I think this is much better that's why I manage to have it at least once a year...=)